September 2011

30 September 2011

Flight Over Sea 3D v2.5 (Free Screensaver)

Ini ada screensaver gratis gan... udah gratis dari sononya ^_^
Flight Over Sea screensaver is an absolute must-have for everybody who needs some relaxation in the middle of a busy working day. With this free screensaver you will experience a breathtaking flight over the sea surface on a sunny day. The sky is clear, the air is fresh, and the misty horizons lure you to fly forward. The waves and the clouds look very natural and create an immensely realistic feeling. The troubles and worries seem minor and unimportant, while you are flying over the sea.

System Requirements :
- Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
- DirectX 8.1


The Mac Hackers Handbook

Where security is concerned, Macs have long led a charmed existence. No more. If you manage security for a network that includes OS X machines, this update on the strengths and weaknesses of Mac OS X is required reading.

As more and more vulnerabilities are found in the Mac OS X (Leopard) operating system, security researchers are realizing the importance of developing proof-of-concept exploits for those vulnerabilities. This unique tome is the first book to uncover the flaws in the Mac OS X operating system, and how to deal with them. Written by two white hat hackers, this book is aimed at making vital information known so that you can find ways to secure your Mac OS X systems, and examines the sorts of attacks that are prevented by Leopard’s security defenses, what attacks aren’t, and how to best handle those weaknesses.

Beginning with the core differences between Mac OS X and Windows or Linux, this book follows the steps an attacker would take. You will learn the tools needed to find vulnerabilities, the techniques used to exploit them, and the means by which attackers maintain control once they gain access. When you know how they get in, you’ll know how to keep them out.

• See what makes Mac OS® X unique, what security improvements were added with Leopard®, and where vulnerabilities lie
• Explore uncommon protocols—Bonjour®, the QuickTime® file format, and RTSP
• Look for bugs in Apple’s source code or use a black box technique such as fuzzing
• Examine stack overflow and heap overflow attacks directed at PowerPC and x86 architectures, as well as shellcodes and payloads
• Learn to inject code into running processes and how attackers use this technique
• Understand Mac OS X-specific rootkit techniques

Credit to uploader


Hacking Firefox (More Than 150 Hacks, Mods, and Customizations)

They dreamed of a better browser... and before you could say “explore no more,” Firefox was born. But already you want more. Tighter security, greater functionality. A custom installation for Linux. Maybe even that unique extension you’ve always dreamed of creating. Well, if you want to tweak the Fox, here are over 400 pages of ways to do it. From hacking profile settings to cracking links and cleaning out the cookie jar, this is the stuff that puts you in control.

Step-by-step instructions for these hacks and dozens more :
- Settings, content, and extension hacks
- Hacking the interface and themes
- Performance boosters
- Anti-phishing and security hacks
- Toolbar and status bar tweaks
- Navigation, download, and search hacks
- Hacks for common plugins
- Extension and theme creation

Credit to uploader


25 September 2011

Keys Avira Premium Security Suite & Avira AntiVir Premium

Key Avira Premium Security Suite, Avira Premium Security Suite Key
Key Avira AntiVir Premium, Avira AntiVir Premium Key

Didalam file rar berikut ini ada banyak keys terbaru untuk Avira Premium Security Suite dan Avira AntiVir Premium.

Selain itu, gw sertakan juga tool avira key generator biar lebih mantab hehee... ^_^
Tenang aja tool tsb udah gw scan pake Kaspersky internet security 2012 updatean hari ini 25/09/2011, tidak ditemukan virus dan "penyakit" lainnya ^_^

Kalo gak berani yaudah gak usah dipake tool tsb, pake keys nya aja ^_^

Siapa cepat dia dapat... silahkan dicoba ^_^

NB : Jangan tanya gimana cara pake keys nya yak.. karena gw belom pernah pake avira, gw sendiri masih setia sama kaspersky hehee... ^_^


Serial Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in

Serial Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in, Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in Serial
Key Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in, Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in Key

Sekilas buat yg belum tau apa itu Nero MP3 Pro Plug-in :
Save Memory, Increase Sound Quality

Revolutionary mp3PRO technology lets you create files that are more compact than MP3s, but with the same or better sound quality, while ensuring complete compatibility with MP3 players.

MP3s with bit rates of 64kBit/s do not have enough bits to compress the whole bandwidth of the audio spectrum. At high frequencies, the sound is dull and lacking in tonal clarity.

Songs encoded with mp3PRO at an encoding rate of 64 kBit/s provide almost CD quality, which corresponds to a rate of 128 kBit/s in normal MP3 format.

The mp3PRO plug-in allows for unlimited :
- mp3PRO encoding/decoding
- MP3 encoding/decoding
- Utilizes half the size of mp3 files yet with better sound quality
- Complete compatibility with mp3 players
- Amazing sound quality of 128 kBit/s, even when compressed at 64 kBit/s
- Fewer sound distortions than with mp3 technology

Serial Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in :

Untuk serial Nero Burning ROM 11 bisa dilihat DISINI
Untuk serial Nero Burning ROM 10 bisa dilihat DISINI
Untuk serial Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD bisa dilihat DISINI


Serial Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD

Serial Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD, Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD Serial
Key Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD, Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD Key

Serial pilih salah satu :




Untuk serial Nero Burning ROM 11 bisa dilihat DISINI
Untuk serial Nero Burning ROM 10 bisa dilihat DISINI
Untuk serial Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in bisa dilihat DISINI


Cyber Security Essentials (2011)

Type : PDF
Year : 2011
Page : 341 Pages
Size : 5.7 MB
The sophisticated methods used in recent high-profile cyber incidents have driven many to need to understand how such security issues work. Demystifying the complexity often associated with information assurance, Cyber Security Essentials provides a clear understanding of the concepts behind prevalent threats, tactics, and procedures.


23 September 2011

Windows Password Remover

Kemaren baru dikasih sama temen nan jauh disana :D, katanya tool ini bisa mereset dan meremove password semua jenis windows, baik itu Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, dst...
Tapi tool ini belom gw coba alias No Tested ^_^

Cara penggunaannya :

1. Burn iso ke dalam CD

2. Boot CD

3. Tunggu sebentar.. lalu akan muncul beberapa pertanyaan dan pilihan

4. Password siap di remove

5. Restart komputer

Selamat mencoba... ^_^


Virtual CD v Full Version | WinXP & Win7 Compatible

Download Virtual CD 10

Langkah - langkah instalasi

1.Extract File Virtual CD

2.Block file eq-vcd1a.rar s/d eq-vcd1r, lalu klik kanan dan Extract

3.Extract file eq-vcd10.rar (satu saja)

4.Buka eq-vcd10.rar yang sudah di extract tadi, dan klik setup

5.Masukkan seria number yang berada di readme.txt


Credit to Uploader

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22 September 2011

[Game] Zuma (Portable)

Ini ada 2 game Zuma portable : Zuma Deluxe (portable) dan Zuma Star Wars (portable).. gak pake install, tinggal klik langsung maen ^_^

Untuk game Zuma Deluxe bisa didownload di :

Untuk game Zuma Star Wars bisa didownload di :

Selamat bermain... ^_^

21 September 2011

Jason Derulo - Future History (Deluxe Version 2011)

Track List :

Download format mp3 :

Download per lagu & 1 album format m4a / iTunes :

Credit to uploaders

Kalo link download mati kasih tau yak, ntar gw ganti dgn link baru ^_^


19 September 2011

Blink 182 - Neighborhoods (2011)

Track List :

Credit to uploader

Buruan download... gw gak jamin link akan bertahan lama :D

Kalo link download mati kasih tau yak, ntar gw ganti dgn link baru ^_^

Tambahan :

1. Buat yg pengen download lagu "After Midnight" aja bisa di download DISINI

2. Buat yg pengen download lagu "Up All Night" aja bisa di download DISINI


Serial FixCleaner

Serial FixCleaner, FixCleaner Serial
Activation Key FixCleaner, FixCleaner Activation Key

Download Software :

Serial FixCleaner (pilih salah satu) :
Email : Illusion/iOTA@earth.sol
Serial : C032-11AD-9D97-2712


Email :
Serial : 671E5C4C37567A1C


Email :
serial : 6FEFB6775D5C9BC8


Enail :
Serial : B8A1-9725-6A47-450F

Caranya :

1. Disable internet

2. Gunakan Firewall (bisa dari Antivirus / Internet Security) untuk mem-block FixCleaner.exe

3. Lalu gunakan salah satu serial diatas


Serial Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011

Serial Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011, Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Serial
Key Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011, Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Key

Download Software :

Serial Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011 :


15 September 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 Crack

Download Cracknya disini

Didalam winrar terdapat 2 folder

Warning !

Sebelum menjalankan cracknya, harap antivirus di matikan dulu

1. Buka Folder Genuine, lalu klik aplikasinya, biarkan prosesnya selesai

2. Buka Folder Activate, lalu klik fix64bit.reg, klik yes dan ok untuk perintah selanjutnya

3. Masih di Folder Activate, klik OPP14_Activator.exe, dan tunggu prosesnya selesai

4. Microsoft Office 2010 anda siap untuk dinikmati

Thanks to Cracker



14 September 2011

12 September 2011

Symphony X - Iconoclast (Deluxe Edition 2011)

Buat para penggemar aliran Progressive Metal, album ini wajib dimiliki ^_^

Track List :

CD 1 :
CD 2 :

Credit to uploader

Kalo ingin download semua album Symphony X bisa di download di :

Credit to eozzy as uploader


Smart Contact - File Attachment & Auto respoder

Demo :
This contact form is lightweight, easy to configure / customize and has some great validation and usability features. It is enhanced by ajax, but works perfectly well when javascript is disabled, and the code is very easy personalize and use!

Features :
- File attachment, easy to add different filetypes to the allowed list, and also to configure max filesize
- Auto responder, can be turned on or off, and is easy to customize the message that is sent.
- MX check, form checks to make sure that the email domain exists.
- Ajax enhanced visual output, fields go red or green depending on user input.
- onBlur and onKeyUp examples included

UPDATE – Fixed a small bug with the number captcha


PHP Event Calendar v1.6

Demo :
PHP Event Calendar is a MySQL Database driven script that displays events on your website quickly and easily through a traditional calendar UI. It can be integrated into any existing PHP page within minutes using a simple file include.

It features a simple yet advanced Administration Panel with secure login sessions, from within this you have full control over your calendar events and gives the ability to Add Events, Search & Edit Events, Delete Events from your calendar and so forth.

Main Features :
- Several theme colours included! (Grey, Green, Red and Blue)
- Cross-Browser Compatible (IE6+, FF, Safari)
- Simple MySQL Database Backend
- Calendar uses 1 CSS Style
- jQuery Lightbox for Day Event
- Integrated Secure Login Script
- Admin Control Panel
- Add Events in seconds
- Displays upcoming events
- Search Events feature
- Edit Previous Events Easily
- Delete a previous event


Ultra Secured Login

Demo :
Ultra secured login is a login management system focusing mainly on security.
The plugin offers the administrator of the websites with

User profile management
Highly secured authentication and authorization
Login sessions management
Protect web pages based on user group
Rigid Hack proof login system
Defense against session hijacking
Defense against session poisoning
Defense against brute force attacks
Defense against injection attacks
and a lot more

The application can be easily configured as a plugin to your website or web application
As an administrator of this system, You can

Create user account
Edit user profile
Upgrade user account
Change user level
Search user profile
Get your users registered using sign up form
Let your users reset password by themselves
List all the IPs your user had logged in from
View health of the web application at Dashboard that loads automatically at regular intervals
View IPs that are involved in attacks with the help of Rigid automatic intrusion detection algorithm
Block IP based on security system recommendations
Unblock the blocked IP at anytime
View recently added users
View recent visitors
with extremely simple configuration


(iOS Template) Fast Food App

Preview :
This example is for a Fast Food Takeaway iOS template built on Appcelerator’s Titanium. This boilerplate template has standard styling except for the icons. From here you can apply your own graphics and functionality.

Fast Food includes :
- Several generic tableViews with icons
- Searchable Menu
- A sample "Locations Map"
- Tab layout

If you’re new to Titanium, it’s important to understand how it works. In short: Code in javascript and your app ends up compiled as a native app that uses native iOS APIs. This app is not based a browser-based app. This app will end up being a native iOS app using Titanium’s API . To find out more, please visit


10 September 2011

Serial Nero Burning ROM 10

Serial Nero Burning ROM 10, Nero Burning ROM 10 Serial
Key Nero Burning ROM 10, Nero Burning ROM 10 Key

Serial :



Sekedar info tambahan aja ^_^
Kalo misal setelah dimasukkan serial, Nero kita masih tetap trial, atau jadi full version tapi hanya sebentar, maka cara berikut dapat digunakan :

1. Setelah install Nero trial, dan jangan dulu masukan serial

2. Disable / matikan internet

3. Buka Nero Control Center, lalu remove license

4. Jangan di update, dan pilihan automatic update jangan ditandai

Ingat, cara ini hanya digunakan bila serial tidak berfungsi dan atau bila Nero kita full version tapi hanya sebentar.

Untuk serial Nero Burning ROM 11 bisa dilihat DISINI
Untuk serial Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD bisa dilihat DISINI
Untuk serial Nero MP3 PRO Plug-in bisa dilihat DISINI


Mengatasi Galat bX-lk6kyq Pada Blogger

Apakah pernah mengalami saat login blogger bukannya masuk ke dashboard tetapi malah muncul peringatan kesalahan galat bX-lk6kyq ??

kalo pernah berarti kita senasib.. hahaaa... ^_^

Jangan panik, gak usah takut. Caranya gampang kok agar kita bisa masuk ke dashboard seperti semula ^_^

1. Pada login seperti biasa.

2. Buka tab baru, lalu ketik

Nanti tampilannya akan seperti ini :

(klik gambar untuk memperbesar)

3. Pada pilihan bahasa pilih bahasa Inggris - English

4. Kotak "make blogger in draft my default" JANGAN di isi, alias di kosongkan aja. Kecuali kalo kamu mau tampilan dashboard blog kamu seperti itu (berupa tampilan draft).

5. Buka tab baru lagi, lalu ketik

beres... tampilan dashboard blog kita sudah kembali seperti semula ^_^

Gw sendiri juga gak tau penyebab kesalahan galat ini, atau mungkin google sendiri jg gak tau :P

Tapi kayaknya sih karena faktor fitur bahasa. Kalo gak percaya, coba ubah lagi bahasanya ke bahasa Indonesia, nanti akan berubah lagi ke kesalahan galat. Tapi ini sepertinya gak semua akun blogger mengalami hal seperti ini. Yah semoga blogger cepet memperbaikinya :)

Selamat mencoba...


9 September 2011

Cara Manual Reset Trial License Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Kembali ke 30 Hari

Hampir mirip dengan trik yg sebelumnya, hanya saja kali ini kita akan melakukannya tanpa tool alias manual (^_^)

Caranya sbb :

1. Delete license key yg ada

Di tampilan kasperksy klik tulisan License (ada dibawah), lalu klik tanda silang merah. Maka seketika akan muncul peringatan, abaikan saja.

2. Disable Enable Self-Defense

Di kaspersky klik Settings (ada di kanan atas), lalu pilih Option, dan hilangkan centang Enable Self Defense. Lalu klik Apply, OK.

3. Pause Protection dan Exit

Klik kanan pada icon kaspersky di taskbar, pilih Pause protection..., lalu pilih pilihan pause yg paling bawah.

Setelah itu klik kanan lagi pada icon kaspersky, pilih Exit.

4. Edit Registry

Klik tombol start, lalu Run, ketik regedit

Untuk Windows XP dan Vista :
pilih HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Kaspersky Lab, protected, AVP9, environment, lalu pilih dan klik 2x PCID, ganti 3 angka terakhir dengan angka sembarang, lalu OK.

Untuk Windows 7 :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Wow6432Node, Kaspersky Lab, protected, AVP9, environment, lalu pilih dan klik 2x PCID, ganti 3 angka terakhir dengan angka sembarang, lalu OK.

5. Jalankan Kaspersky

Jalankan kembali kaspersky, bisa di klik dari all programs. Maka seketika akan muncul permintaan untuk aktivasi. Pilih yg Activate trial license, klik next, tunggu sebentar sampai proses finish.

6. Enable kan kembali fitur Enable Self-Defense

Jangan lupa untuk meng-enable kan kembali fitur Enable Self-Defense dengan cara mencentang kembali kotak enable Self-Defense

Beress... dan kaspersky kita kembali trial 30 hari dan siap untuk digunakan. Untuk lebih lengkapnya silahkan restart komputer (ga juga ga papa sih) (^_^)

Thanks to Jyo-666

Tambahan :

Untuk Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 bisa dilihat DISINI